PricesThe Candy Cart and Wishing Tree

Candy Cart Hire

It can be quite difficult to find something different to impress guests at any party or function.

Hiring a sweetie cart for your event can be fun, a great alternative to giving wedding favours, party bags and memorable gifts to celebrate your big event.

Prices to supply the cart start at £200 and we'll supply everything you need to suit the number of guests at your party. The cart can hold up to 20 - 30 huge jars of sweets, with each jar containing something a little different.

You can choose British retro, gluten free or sugar free sweets that we source from a high quality supplier. The sweets are those that you enjoyed when you were a child – Wham Bars, Milky bars, rock, Haribo, Black Jacks. A huge candy buffet will delight guests with Pick'n'Mix options as well as centre-pieces, candy floss and even popcorn.

  • Sours
  • Jellies
  • Hard Gums
  • Soft Sweets
  • Chews

We have a huge amount of varieties of sweets to select from, please call us early as the Candy Cart is very popular.

The Candy Cart and Wishing Tree are very popular this year, so we are proud to be able to supply the cart at a fantastic price which suits all types of pocket!

Our prices are structured on the average time that certain events and parties last.

We will always supply:

  • Perspex or Glass Bowls
  • Plastic or Glass Jars
  • Candy Coloured Sweetie Bags
  • Tongs & Scoops

And we will collect the sweets leftover at the end of the day and place them in bags ready for you to take home.

Children's Parties

From £120 – 2 hours - Cart only £100

We will provide the cart for the duration of 2 hours; the last collection time will be 5pm.

10 jars of sweets containing a different variety in each jar.

Safety first – we will only use Perspex containers and jars to display the sweets.

We have different sweetie options available; please speak to us directly about your requirements.

The cart will be decorated to suit your party theme or colour scheme.


From £220 – 5 hours (evening) - Cart only £200

We will deliver the cart to your evening celebrations and collect after 5 hours.

Up to 30 jars of sweets, tailored to suit the amount of guests at your wedding.

Beautifully presented in glass jars and bowls (or optional Perspex) with centrepieces if required.

Different sweetie themes and options available, please contact us directly about the wedding cart.

We will supply organza bags, if required, and will decorate the cart with a canopy that suits your theme.